In 2007, FDC acquired a 100% ownership interest in Pacific Sugar Holdings Corporation (PSHC) from AL. Gotianun, Inc. (formerly ALG Holdings Corporation).

PSHC wholly owns three Mindanao-based sugar companies, namely Davao Sugar Central Company (DSCC), Cotabato Sugar Central Company (CSCC) and High Yield Sugar Farms Corporation (HYFSC). DSCC and CSCC both own and operate a sugar mill and refinery while HYSFC develops owned or leased farmland into corporate sugarcane farms.

With a strong sense of community and social responsibility, PSHC rebuilt and expanded the sugar mills it acquired in 1990, serving almost 20,000 hectares of sugarcane plantations in Southern and Central Mindanao.  Together with its partners, the small-scale sugarcane planters and traders, PSHC strives to develop agriculture and the local economy, affecting the lives of over 10,000 workers and their families.

The mills operate using biofuel from the bagasse, a by-product from milling sugarcane. The company continuously improves its factories for better efficiency and to protect the environment.