FDC Plans to Add Infrastructure and Utilities Assets to its Portfolio

September 30, 2014
by Filinvest Development Corporation

FDC is in the planning stages of adding infrastructure and utilities assets to its portfolio of Philippine businesses. The Company is considering two potential clean coal-fired power generation projects, namely a 150 MW project in Luzon and another 150 MW project in the Visayas.

FDC is in the process of applying for permits from the relevant governmental and regulatory authorities and is in negotiations with potential equipment suppliers and potential power off-takers with respect to each project. With respect to the potential power project in the Visayas, FDC is also conducting a feasibility study with respect to a potential water desalination facility at the same site that would be operated using off-peak power from the proposed power plant. A senior expert in the Philippine infrastructure industry will be joining Filinvest effective January 1, 2011 to implement its potential infrastructure and utilities projects.

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