Gain a deeper understanding of our steadfast commitment to sustainability. Discover how we drive positive change, innovate, and create a lasting impact in the Philippines.

Filinvest Group's Sustainability Framework

Our sustainability framework embodies environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic resilience for a positive societal impact.

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Sustainability Approach

The Filinvest Group’s approach to sustainability ranges from corporate social investments, implementation of best practices in EESG (economy, environment, society, and governance), and the creation and delivery of Shared Value.

The main pillars in the sustainability framework of the Filinvest Group are the key characteristics of its businesses under three themes that encompass and respond to the various material topics: Green, Inclusive, and Resilient.

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We manifest responsibility towards the environment that provides ecosystem services which sustain our operations.

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We champion innovative solutions for the underserved, exploring uncharted opportunities while valuing diversity. Creating value for stakeholders and shareholders alike.

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We continuously work at being ready for disruptions, challenges and opportunities that come our way.

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Social Engagement for a Better Tomorrow

At the core of our ethos is a resolute commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, a guiding force that propels us towards meaningful change.

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2022 Integrated Annual Report

Charting the future for expansion and new possibilities

FDC is committed to charting the future with a growth mindset, scaling up, and diversifying to enable more Filipinos to achieve their dreams. It is building leadership capabilities and embracing new strategies inspired by ESG goals.

Sustainability Documents

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