The Filinvest Group’s approach to sustainability ranges from corporate social investments, implementation of best practices in EESG (economy, environment, society, and governance), and the creation and delivery of Shared Value.

The main pillars in the sustainability framework of the Filinvest Group are the key characteristics of its businesses under three themes that encompass and respond to the various material topics: Green, Inclusive, and Resilient.

These core commitments are further operationalized through the identified action areas under each sustainability pillar:  

Sustainability Framework



Green Design for Sustainable Communities 

We commit to developing green communities and infrastructure that feature designs that minimize negative impact and enhance positive impact, not only on the physical environment but also on people and communities. 

Circular Economy 

We commit to maximizing all opportunities to contribute to a circular economy where material resources are utilized efficiently and kept useful for a long time, wastes are minimized and made useful, and natural systems are regenerated. 

Net Zero.  We commit to achieving greenhouse gas emission reductions in our value chain in the best practical way possible and at the soonest, in alignment with the country’s development strategy, climate change targets, and transition timelines.  


Serving the Unserved and Underserved.  We commit to finding solutions to address the pain points of the unserved and underserved segments of society through innovations in the delivery of products and services.   


Nurturing Talent – Equal Opportunities for Jobs, Development and Growth.  We commit to strengthening our human capital that will support our business growth aspirations, by nurturing capabilities and bringing out the best in our talents irrespective of background.

Engaging Communities. We commit to listening to and engaging with all relevant stakeholders where we operate so that we can work together to attain common goals.   


Resilient Assets.  We commit to retrofit existing assets and acquire or develop future assets to be resilient against all types of physical risk events such as climate-related or geological phenomena, and manmade disruptions.  

Resilient Operations. We commit to strengthening our capabilities in business continuity across the group, ensuring that our people are resilient to be able to serve customers well during disruptions, response capabilities across the Group are integrated, and operations protocols are developed and regularly tested.  


Agile Organization. We commit to always looking ahead and continually transforming and strengthening our human capital, technical practices, business processes, culture, and leadership so that the Group is ready to address current and emerging global and local risks and opportunities that have an impact on our long term ability to create and deliver value for our stakeholders.