Filinvest’s RESILIENCY commitment:

We continuously work at being ready for disruptions, challenges, and opportunities that come our way.  


Filinvest operates in a country prone to natural and man-made disasters, being situated in the earthquake-prone Ring of Fire. Climate change effects are expected to escalate, and external factors such as geopolitics, international logistics, and macroeconomics pose threats to the value Filinvest has created. The organization must be prepared for future disruptions and poised to capitalize on growth opportunities. 



Resilient Assets 

Filinvest is dedicated to retrofitting current assets and obtaining or creating future assets that are resilient to various physical risks, including climate-related, geological events, and manmade disruptions. In light of escalating threats from climate change and geological risks, the company is conducting a thorough risk assessment for its existing infrastructure and land bank. This assessment aims to provide valuable insights, guiding the Group in sustaining, and potentially reallocating assets to enhance protection and value generation. 

Resilient Operations 

Filinvest is dedicated to enhancing its business continuity capabilities throughout the group. This involves building resilience among its personnel to ensure effective customer service during disruptions. Additionally, the company aims to integrate response capabilities across the entire group and regularly test established operations protocols. 



Filinvest is actively consolidating and aligning business continuity plans across its units to enhance resource sharing, streamlined communication, and efficient response to major risks. The company is also strengthening partnerships with local and national government agencies, along with industry peers. This collaborative effort recognizes that during disruptions, everyone is in it together, and shared recovery objectives benefit all stakeholders. 


Agile Organization 


Filinvest is committed to proactively evolving and reinforcing its human capital, technical practices, business processes, culture, and leadership. This ensures the Group’s preparedness to navigate current and emerging global and local risks and opportunities, ultimately influencing its long-term capacity to create and deliver value for stakeholders. 


Ensuring the future readiness of the business is being undertaken on many fronts, among which are succession planning, enterprise risk management, and upskilling of talents for future needs.