Filinvest’s GREEN Commitment:  

The operations of the business are highly dependent on the resources that nature provides, and it is in our best interest that we work to preserve the integrity of ecosystem services. 


Green Designs for Sustainable Communities  


Filinvest Group’s dedication to crafting environmentally conscious communities and infrastructure is evident in its real estate and hospitality ventures. By embracing green design principles, the emphasis lies on minimizing adverse effects and amplifying positive impacts on both the physical environment and communities. This entails resource conservation, emission reduction, and strategic design choices that prioritize open spaces and foster cleaner, healthier mobility options. Notably, Filinvest City, the premier estate in Alabang, stands as the pioneer business district with LEED Certification for neighborhood development. Further exemplifying its commitment, numerous office buildings within Northgate Cyberzone, under Filinvest REIT, boast prestigious green certifications such as LEED, WELL, and EDGE. 


Green - Bikes in Filinvest Central Park


Circular Economy 


Filinvest Group is committed to maximizing opportunities in contributing to a circular economy, focusing on efficient material resource use, waste reduction, and natural system regeneration. The industrial units, including power generation and sugar milling, exemplify this commitment through ‘waste to value’ initiatives. Power plant ash is repurposed as a clinker alternative in nearby cement manufacturing, and sugar mill bagasse is utilized to generate renewable biomass energy. Additionally, the hospitality business, under Filinvest, adopted a policy to reduce single-use plastics as early as 2018. 

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Net Zero 

 Filinvest Group is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout its value chain in line with national development goals and climate targets. This commitment is demonstrated through energy-efficient practices in real estate, hospitality, and water operations, as well as the rapid development of renewable energy sources in the power utility business. 

 Key initiatives include the district cooling system in Alabang, reducing energy and water footprints by up to 40% and 20%, respectively. Festival Mall’s rooftop solar installation, the largest in Metro Manila, adds to these efforts. Despite the coal-fired power plant’s impact in Misamis, Filinvest is working to phase it down while ensuring energy security in Mindanao. The company also invests in carbon sequestration forests through partnerships with NGOs and academia.