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East West Banking Corporation

Established in 1994, East West Banking Corporation (EWBC) is one of the Philippines' fastest-growing financial institutions. Our commitment revolves around meeting the diverse financial requirements of consumers, middle-market corporates, and the mass affluent segment.

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Wide-ranging Financial Solutions

With a robust network comprising over 400 stores across the nation, EastWest prides itself on offering a comprehensive suite of banking products and services. Alongside these, we provide allied financial services such as non-life insurance brokerage, bancassurance, and leasing.

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The Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

At EWBC, we blend the traditional prudence, warmth, and hospitality of the East with the efficiency and progressive thinking of the West. Our primary goal is to build an exceptional brand known for unparalleled customer service, relevant products meeting diverse customer needs, and fostering engaged, loyal customers, and employees.

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Focused Growth Strategies

Our continual focus lies in augmenting our asset base, optimizing our store network, diversifying revenue streams, and expanding distribution channels. Simultaneously, we’re dedicated to enhancing our technological infrastructure, fortifying risk management processes, and nurturing our employees’ professional capabilities to deliver unparalleled service to our customers.

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Ongoing Evolution

EastWest remains committed to evolution and advancement, consistently refining our information technology, and fortifying risk management, and operational processes. We aim to continually elevate our customer service standards while ensuring our employees are equipped to deliver the best-in-class financial solutions.

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