Filinvest's Inclusivity Commitment:

To champion equality and diversity in all operations.


Serving the Underserved    

 Filinvest Group is dedicated to innovating the delivery of products and services to address the needs of the unserved and underserved segments of society. 

 Since its inception, Filinvest has remained true to its mission of serving the underserved. The Group’s commitment is evident in providing consumer loans, and affordable housing, ensuring energy security, offering water and sanitation services, and supporting the productivity of sugarcane farmers. 

photo of a harvesting a sugarcane

Nurturing Talent – Equal Opportunities for Jobs, Development and Growth

Filinvest is dedicated to enhancing its human capital to support business growth by fostering capabilities and unleashing the potential of talents, regardless of background. The company is renowned for empowering women in the business sector, with over half of its workforce and numerous top management and board positions held by women.

The Group is firmly committed to upskilling its workforce, acknowledging that the organization’s future relies on the core competencies and leadership skills of its people. A significant number of the Group’s leaders and senior management have grown within the company, their careers and skillsets cultivated and nurtured over the years.

photo of a woman engineer on site

Engaging Communities.   

 Filinvest Group is committed to actively engaging with all relevant stakeholders in the areas where it operates, fostering collaboration to achieve common goals. 

 Filinvest collaborates with local communities, supply chains, and partner organizations to implement projects addressing specific sustainability issues and uplifting communities where help is limited. An example is the investment of over half a billion pesos to support financially challenged technical vocational students in Mindanao through the Andrew Gotianun Center for Integrated Technologies, in partnership with Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro. 

 Various Filinvest business units work in tandem with local governments for disaster response, as seen in the aftermath of Typhoon Odette in Cebu. The company also extends support to local communities through missions related to health and the environment.