Filinvest Development Corporation (FDC)’s General Counsel earns esteemed spot on Legal 500 Southeast Asia Powerlist 2023

October 27, 2023
by Filinvest Development Corporation

MANILA, Philippines, 13 October 2023 – The Filinvest Group’s legal team has recently earned a spot in the Legal 500’s exclusive Southeast Asia power list 2023. The widely acclaimed ranking identifies the most prominent legal organizations and professionals in the world.

“We are deeply honored to have been recognized among the Philippines’ foremost in-house legal organizations in the country. As employees and brand ambassadors of Filinvest, we are pleased to have been given the opportunity to share our company’s culture of excellence to a global audience,” said Senior Vice President and General Counsel Atty. Millette Asuncion-Arnedo. “This recognition reflects our commitment as a group to proactively ensure that legal concerns never stand in the way of the company’s growth objectives,” she expressed.

As the in-house legal arm of the Filinvest Group, one of the Philippines’ leading conglomerates, her team operates on the principles of “preventive lawyering.” In essence, they proactively collaborate with different departments within the conglomerate to anticipate and address legal issues from the inception of a project, ensuring seamless compliance with laws and regulations while effectively mitigating potential risks.

Atty. Arnedo revealed the recipe behind their team’s remarkable success and how they foster a culture of proactive lawyering within one of today’s leading conglomerate. This philosophy has solidified their position as true enablers for their stakeholders, ensuring that every department’s legal concerns never stand in the way of the company’s objectives.

“Preventive lawyering is at the heart of our legal team’s success. We aim to be true enablers for our clients, working hand in hand with them to achieve their business objectives. It’s not just about saying ‘yes’; it’s about finding innovative solutions that enable our clients to succeed,” she shared.

Apart from recognizing the Filinvest Group legal team, Atty. Arnedo was also individually acknowledged as part of the GC Powerlist Philippines 2023 among the country’s top legal professionals for her efforts in further pushing the envelope in applying innovative solutions to address critical issues and ensure strict compliance within the company.

The Filinvest Group legal team, led by Atty. Millette Asuncion-Arnedo, serves as a guiding example of proactive practice and steadfast support for its stakeholders. Their approach and commitment not only solidify their role as trusted legal advisors but also as essential partners in the success of the Filinvest Group and its various subsidiaries.

The Legal 500 is highly renowned for its rigorous and thorough examination and evaluation of law firms worldwide. The GC Powerlist Philippines 2023 upholds the same standard without exception. The list’s outcomes are the product of an extensive research procedure spanning several months, which assesses the skills and impact of the top legal practitioners in the country.